How to Fix an Error on your Credit Report!

4 Steps on How to Fix an Error on your Credit Report!


STEP 1: Call the creditor that reported the erroneous information to the credit-reporting agency!

The customer service phone number should be listed in the credit report. Explain that you wish to dispute something that the company has reported and to speak with the appropriate person. Briefly and calmly explain why you disagree with the report listing.

STEP 2: Follow up your phone call with a certified letter and return receipt requested to the creditor!

This letter should reiterate that you are disputing a specific piece of information and briefly explain why it is incorrect. Keep this letter short and simple and also attach photocopies of any evidence you have to defend your position.\

STEP 3: Call the creditor again, and again and again if necessary!

Until you reach someone willing to help, if your initial complaint is rejected. Do your best to stay calm and patient when you call. Getting angry reduces the odds that someone will want to help you out.

STEP 4: Send the credit-reporting agency a certified letter and return receipt requested, disputing the erroneous information too!

Again, this letter should be short and simple. Why send a letter to the reporting agency when you already have raised the matter with the creditor? If the creditor agrees with your complain and changes its records, this letter ensures that the agency will learn of the change as well.

***Definitely keep copies of all you correspondence and enclosures and detailed notes of your conversations–including names of the people you speak with!