Helpful Links

Credit Karma:

Credit Karma offers a new way to track your credit score and a unique way to benefit from it. For the first time you can get a truly free credit score with no hidden costs or obligations. Based on your score, you gain access to exclusive offers from companies that value your creditworthiness.

HUD Homes:

Search for HUD homes available in your area.

USDA Rural Development Loan Program:

1. Provides modest housing for moderate income families in non urban areas.

2. Low one time Guarantee Fee of 3.5% for purchases and .5% for refinances.

3. Up to 102% (with Guarantee Fee) financing based on appraised value versus purchase price.

4. 30 year, fixed rate term.

5. Seller contributions and third party gifts allowable.

6. No statutory maximum lending limits.

7. No monthly mortgage mortgage insurance.

8. Not restricted to first time home owners.

9. Loan funds on purchases can be used for repairs, the Guarantee Fee and most lender fees.

10. Loan funds on refinances can be used for P&I, the Guarantee Fee and most lender fees.

Michigan Tax and Assessment Information:

Look up tax and assessment information for homes in counties and municipalities available within Michigan.