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Disclaimer:  These are contractors that we have used in the past and have had good success with and have been recommended and referred from our past clients. Please take the time to check all their references before moving forward and please make sure that they have a valid license and are insured.


Health Services Expeditors – Nathan E. Foote, Registered Sanitarian.  Leading Private Inspector

(517) 663-8813 (office)   (517) 749-3474 (mobile) (517) 663-8843 (fax)

Imagine having your blood drawn.  You get to choose your nurse from two working individuals.  Choose either the individual claiming to be a nurse, working as such based on a 3-day training; or, choose the Registered Nurse, working as a duly state-licensed practitioner for years.


As of 01/01/2010

Shiawassee County


Ingham County


Barry-Eaton County/District


Clinton, Jackson, Ionia, LivingstonAll NON Point-of-Sale Counties   (above)
County $$$ Required – (Info Only) Water & Sewer – $154.00Well – $77.00Septic – $77.00 Water & Sewer – $175.00Well – $175.00Septic – $175.00 Water & Sewer $130.00Well – $80.00Septic – $80.00 N/A (no programs)  All County fees included in combined
Point-of-Sale Water& Septic

$450 combined fee

$470.00 combined fee

$425.00 combined fee


no government fee

Point-of-Sale Well Only – Public Sewer

$300 combined fee

$390.00 combined fee

$275.00 combined fee


no government fee

Point-of-Sale Septic Only – Public   Water

$265.00 combined fee

$350.00 combined fee

$255.00 combined fee


no government fee

No Report – Walk-Over Cursory Insp.

With sample of H2O $150

With sample of H2O $150

With sample of H2O $150

With sample of H2O $150

No Report – Walk-Over Cursory Insp.

No water tests $125.00

No water tests $125.00

No water tests $125.00

No water tests $125.00

These are contractors with their phone numbers (within the 517 area code unless noted) that have been used by past clients.

Home Inspectors

Company Contact Phone
Accurate Inspections Jason Murton 517-669-2196
JH Building, LLC. Jim Hynes 810-335-4935
First Priority, Inc. Jeff Prior 517-332-8880
Goff Home Inspection Kevin Goff 517-699-7787
Real Estate Services Bob Earl 517-337-4499
Alpha Inspection Services, LLC. Mark Slusher 517-327-7335
Shouldice Home Inspections Brad Schouldice 517-327-3218
Pro Check One Home Inspections Dennis Sparks 248-270-8282
Quality Inspections Bill Aaron 517-663-3029
AA+ Inspections Services Paul Barker 517-655-2227
Safety First of Ingham Keith Donally 517-347-7783
First Priority Jeff Prior 517-332-8880
Buyers choice Leon Searles 989-224-1875
Majeske Home Inspection Mark Majeske 517-204-1852
Kingdom Homes Inspection Roger Smith 517-322-2082



Both Ingham and Shiawassee Counties have in place a Point of Sale (POS) program.  The Counties encourage sellers to have well and/or septic systems inspected when the property is placed on the market for sale.  Both County Sanitary Codes require arsenic testing of the water in addition to the standard tests for coliform (bacteria) and Nitrates.  The following are items the owner/sellers are responsible for.  Do not schedule inspections until all utilities are on, including running water from all faucets and inspector is able to flush toilets to avoid additional costs.

Inspection of the well and/or septic systems by Inspector approved by the County.  Payment for Inspection including County fee are payable at time of Inspection.  As of 01/01/2010:

Ingham County Fees are: Well & Septic – $470.00Well Only – $390.00Septic Only – $350.00
Shiawassee County Fees are: Well & Septic – $450.00Well Only – $300.00Septic Only – $265.00
Barron & Eaton County Fees   are Well & Septic – $425.00Well Only – $275.00Septic Only – $255.00
Clinton, Jackson, Ionia and   Livingston County Fees are: Well & Septic – $250.00Well Only – $185.00Septic Only – $175.00


Payment is expected at time of service.  We are sorry we are unable to accept payment at closing.

The water samples taken include arsenic testing.  Water test results for Arsenic take 7-10 days.

Real Estate Agent and/or seller/buyer will be notified within 72 hours if well test is positive for Coliform and/or nitrates and requires chlorination.

Wells requiring chlorination require a second water sample to insure water quality.  The Inspector fee including sampling fee is $120.00

Pumping of the septic system with septic maintenance record should be faxed to J H Zank Consulting at 888.760.2010.  Do not fax septic maintenance records to the County.

Any well and/or septic findings that do not pass County Ordinance are repaired by the owner/seller require verification by Inspector.  A second Inspection needs to be scheduled after work is done and there will be a $120.00 fee, payable at the time of re-inspection.  Those items fixed by a licensed professional, the owner/sellers need to fax invoice verifying work done to J H Zank Consulting at 888.760.2010

Well Inspection Includes:

  • Inspect the construction and isolation distances of the well.
  • Construction above grade, from building structure/overhang, from property line, well from drain field.
  • Inspect the performance of the well pump and pressure tank.
  • Water samples are collected from the home and sent for laboratory analysis.

Sewage Disposal System Inspection:

  • Determine the route of the plumbing from inside the home to the drainage area.
  • Locate septic tank.
  • Locate drain field, collect soil samples, and inspect drainage stone.
  • Prepare site plan.

Submitted with report will be a site plan complete with measurements, water reports, septic maintenance records, and any repair records.  County approvals will be sent to owner/seller.  If Real Estate Agent or lender needs a copy, please notify J H Zank Consulting at the time of scheduling.  Final application and all report records will not be sent to the County until pump records are received by J H Zank Consulting.  The County has 5 business days after receipt of all records from J H Zank Consulting to issue their decision.  This process takes approximately 21 working days.

For more information contact www.ingham.org or www.shiawassee.net/home.html or www.barryeatonhealth.org


Company             Contact Phone
Home Team 517-645-4027
JH Building Jim Hynes 810-335-4935
Air Quality Control 517-322-2999

Pest Inspectors

Company Contact Phone
No Risk Exterminating Ed Jones 517-420-1613
Home Team 517-645-4027
Accurate Pest Inspections Lonnie Collins 517-669-0521