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The City of Lansing, Michigan is a diverse community offering exceptional real estate, beautiful natural surroundings and seemingly endless recreational, cultural and social activities. Lansing MI real estate is generally divided into four sections: Eastside, Westside North-Westside and the Southside. Each section has its own ambiance, real estate, community amenities and features. Located east of the Grand River and north of the Red Cedar River, the Eastside is the most ethnically diverse side of Lansing. Anchored by the Frandor Shopping Center, the Eastside is home to the most foreign-born citizens in the city. Home to the downtown core, the Westside is largely a collection of residential neighborhoods and is also home to the historic Old Town.

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The North-Westside, generally located north of the Grand River, is the smallest side of the city. Home to some of the most beautiful green areas in the city, this section is also home to the Capital Region International Airport. Lastly, the Southside is the most populous side of the city. It is largely residential and features numerous commercial strips for residents and visitors. Those interested in Lansing MI real estate will quickly learn that there is a home for every taste, buyer and budget here in Lansing. For those looking to enjoy the community and its many amenities, Lansing is also home to the Historic Lansing City Market. One of the oldest city markets in the United States, it has been completely renovated over recent years. You may also enjoy the historic Potter Park Zoo located along Red Cedar River, which has more than 400 animals and numerous programs for children and families.

For more information on Lansing MI real estate or to explore neighboring Haslett real estate, please do not hesitate to contact Lansing real estate professional Jeffrey S. Peck. He is always just a phone call or email away, and looks forward to welcoming you home to the Lansing area. Contact him today to get started!